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Dr. Jennifer Bracey is a well-known clinician and educator who many people like. She has taught and worked in front-line healthcare, but a big part of what she loves is working behind the scenes on health policies that might make the system of care better and more fair for everyone. Her first degree after high school was a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the College of Charleston, which she got in 2002. She was then accepted to the Medical University of South Carolina, where she joined the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society and obtained her Doctor of Medicine degree in 2006.

In 2006, Dr. Bracey went to the Emory University School of Medicine to participate in the J. Willis Hurst Internal Medicine Residency Program. Bracey chose this Emory University program because it was linked to Grady Memorial Hospital. Grady is one of the largest safety-net hospitals in the country. It is known for giving very high-quality care to people who would not be able to get it otherwise, like low-income, uninsured, and other vulnerable people in the more excellent Atlanta metro area. Grady was the first hospital within 100 miles of the city to be certified as a Level 1 trauma center. Dr. Jennifer chose Emory University as her residency match because she wanted to help the many people in Georgia who need top-notch medical care but might not be able to afford it or get it otherwise.

After her residency, she moved to Baltimore in 2009 to find a better balance between her personal and work life. Bracey took a full-time job as an Instructor of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, which is very prestigious. After three years at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Bracey applied to teach at Emory University School of Medicine, where she felt most alive and was accepted.

As an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine, Dr. Jennifer Bracey spent the five most rewarding years of her medical career in 2012. During her time here, she worked as an attending physician at Grady's International Clinic. This is where Jennifer got good at providing health care in other countries. When she worked for Emory University, her job took her worldwide. As part of Project Medishare, she took students to Haiti for three years. Project Medishare is a Haitian non-profit that works in Haiti's more rural and remote areas to help some of the world's poorest people get the health care they need. Then Dr. Bracey spent two years. In this job, she helped people at the Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capital.

Dr. Jennifer's time at Emory University School of Medicine was advantageous, but she had to go back to Charleston for personal reasons. In the summer of 2017, she started working as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina. At MUSC, Bracey was one of the "Master Clinical Skills Teachers." She taught second-year medical students how to do a physical exam and led them through activities that taught them about differential diagnosis and clinical reasoning. She also taught first-year medical students in a course called "Fundamentals of Patient Care." At MUSC, Bracey won the prestigious Michael C. Assey Attending of the Year award, and the Gold Humanism Honor Society gave him the prestigious Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine award. Bracey is thankful for her time with MUSC's students and residents. This was shown by the fact that her students gave her the highest ratings.

Still committed to helping those who don't get enough care and working for a fair health care system for everyone, Bracey has co-written health policy research papers and taken part in a wide range of workshops and seminars, such as the "Health Policy and Advocacy in the South" workshop at the Southern Society of General Internal Medicine Annual Meeting in January 2018 and the "Updates in Health Policy" invited seminar at the Society of General Medicine National Annual Meeting in January 2020.
Personal Life

Dr. Bracey has always put family and friends before herself. After she finished her residency at Emory University in Atlanta, she moved to Baltimore with her then-boyfriend to join him at Johns Hopkins University for his oncology fellowship. There, she also got a job. After that, she chose Atlanta again for her next big job after graduation because she had a lot of good colleagues and friends there from her residency.

Dr. Jennifer Bracey's five years in Atlanta were very successful and gave her a lot of job satisfaction, but when her family called, she picked up the phone. In 2017, when her parents' health worsened, she moved to Charleston to be with them and help them. She stays in the area, caring for her parents and keeping up with her work.